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Goshen Blessings Uganda

Who we are

 GOBU Partnering to build a world where all children and women can meet their needs

GOSHEN BLESSING UGANDA (GOBU) is a local Charitable Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 2010 with registration number INDR132264539NB and  incorporation NO: BRS-1-17/62273 aims at of Transforming and restoring needy communities through:

GOBU works to promote the realization of the potential and ability of the marginalized groups such as children, youth, women and the elderly in the identified community of intervention

What we do



Promotion of literacy is a key component under GOBU interventions in transformation and restoration of a needy community, an informed individual is an enlightened person, thus expanding the opportunities around such an individual


This is one of the core sectors and it aims at improving the health status of the people living in that particular community by reducing Morbidity, mortality anddisabilities arising from common diseases, health emergencies and epidemics. The overall focus is to reduce mortality caused by epidemics and diseases such as HIV&AIDS, malaria and other communicable diseases.  


This sector of GOBU has a direct correlation with community development. It emphasizes effective and efficient utilization of vocational and agricultural skills with multiple approaches to growth and development. This sector covers a multitude of interventions.

Water and Sanitation

This sector covers prominent issues of water, sanitation and the environment in relation to mitigating the impact of climate change as well as embracing its adaptation practices, water shortage, poor hygiene and sanitation, environmental degradation. It involves.

Religious Affairs

Given the rampant moral Decadency in our society today, there is a paramount obligation of restoring and upholding societal moral standards. The sector works with churches and other faith based organizations.